Crassostrea Gigas

New Zealand Organic Pacific Oysters are grown in clean, clear waters of New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf. Bursting with a sweet yet subtle flavour, and organic certified, these international delicacies are in high demand in fine dining markets around the world.  

Chilled Live Oysters the inter-tidal growing method used gives a hardy oyster with a minimum live shelf life of 7 days from harvest when basic handling instructions are maintained (store at 4-6°C).

Chilled Half Shell Oysters
Offering the same taste sensation as live oysters with the added benefit of each oyster being carefully selected and presented in an easy to use style. The recommended shelf life is 5 days from opening when basic handling instructions are maintained.

Frozen Half Shell Oysters
The oysters are harvested and processed at their peak condition.  They are available as required. Simply remove from the freezer and defrost (or cook from frozen) as needed


Oyster Size Grades

Our standard oyster grades are:

  • Standards (60-75 mm)
  • Premiums (75-90 mm)
  • Large (90-105 mm)
  • Jumbos (105 mm+)