Seafood Products

Mussels The purity of New Zealand’s coastal waters and the abundance of natural food resources create ideal conditions for shell fish. Find out more IMG 1385
Fish New Zealand’s fishery is one of the most advanced, efficient and well managed in the world. Find out more Blue cod new ice 700x368
Scampi New Zealand scampi is widely known around the world for its sweet rich taste. Find out more 14 03 16 173135 MB R8 S4 scampi
Oysters New Zealand Organic Pacific Oysters are grown in clean, clear waters of New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf. Find out more oysters
Clams New Zealand’s rugged, remote and pristine coastal waters provide the idealconditions for naturally grown clams. All our clams are wild caught andgovernment protected which guarantees the sustainability of the shell fishbed and associated product. Find out more Clam dish web

OUR WILD FISHERIES New Zealand’s fishery is one of the most advanced, efficient and well managed in the world. Highford exports a full range of seafood to all markets. The Quality of our product is of paramount importance with stringent controls for both factory trawler vessels and onshore operating plants. Highford can meet all your seafood needs, in a variety of shelf ready, retail and food service packing options.

AQUACULTURE The high quality of New Zealand’s coastal waters and the abundance of natural food resources create ideal conditions for shell fish and fish aquaculture. Highford market a full range of wild caught scampi, farmed Organic Greenshell Mussels, Pacific Oysters and King Salmon throughout the world. 

MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY New Zealand is a world leader in fisheries management and supports an industry based on sustainable harvest and environmental principles. Environmental sustainability is also critical to the long-term success of New Zealand aquaculture. Our clean and green environment gives us a real competitive edge in global markets. In other words, it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure a high environmental standard for aquaculture.

RETAIL PACKAGING With today’s increasing demand for ease of use and efficiency, Highford have recognized the need for more consumer friendly products and can offer retail ready fish, and mussel products produced in line with customer specifications, labeling and packaging requirements.

SUPERIOR QUALITY Our fish and farmed shellfish are harvested, handles and processed to the internationally recognized requirements of European Union and United States authorities. At Highford we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best seafood to discerning customers around the world.

GLOBAL SOURCING Highford have a global network and can connect our buyers with the best seafood from around the world. From deep-sea species to farmed salmon in Chile, pelagics, shellfish and farmed fish in Asia. We can provide you with the product to satisfy your customers.