Natural healthy honey

Some of the world’s finest mono-floral and poly-floral honeys are produced in New Zealand. As well as floral varieties such as Clover, Honey Dew and Blue Borage, we also have access to highly prized active and bio-active Manuka honey from New Zealand’s largest quality producers.


Strong flavour and aftertaste, Dark colour, Jelly like, Known for healing abilities, Use in hot drinks, Ideal for smoking fish, Marinating meats when wanting flavour to come through

NZ Manuka +5 

Distinct rich flavour and aroma, Dark colour, Jelly like, Known for healing abilities. Enjoyed by the spoonful or as a sweetener in a hot drink, Tested to ensure it has increased levels of antibacterial activity.

Manuka Blend 

Milder taste than Manuka, Commonly a blend of Manuka and other milder pollens. Dark amber colour, Some therapeutic properties.


Light colour, almost clear, Very mild taste, Sweet aftertaste, Traditional NZ honey.

Creamed Clover

Smooth velvety texture on the tongue, Whitish colour, Creamed, stirred, heated and cooled.

Honey Dew 

From the bark of the native black beech tree, Thick consistency, Dark colour. Unique aroma and flavour, Musky taste, Resembles toffee, Great in cooking.

Blue Borage 

Mild Honey, Light amber colour, Sourced from remote high country, Excellent sweetener in teas, stays liquid for a long time.

Wild Flora 

Flora is a mix of strong and mild native honeys. For those who don't like the extremes of mild or strong honey. A light amber colour and well-balanced flavour make the Wild Flora ideal for marinades.