The Highford suite of food groups is expanding constantly. Click on the items below.

Meat Products Highford Marketing is one of New Zealand’s foremost exporters of chilled and frozen beef cuts. Find out more highford meat products
Seafood Products OUR WILD FISHERIES New Zealand’s fishery is one of the most advanced, efficient and well managed in the world. Find out more highford seafood products
Honey Some of the world’s finest mono-floral and poly-floral honeys are produced in New Zealand. Find out more honey 02
Berries We source berries from Sujon – New Zealand’s premier frozen berry fruit specialists. Find out more shutterstock 57002609
Specialty Products We actively seek to evolve our product range to source the finest products fromNew Zealand so that we are a premium ‘One Stop Shop’.  Find out more 20150725 NZSTORY Shot3 023