Our Promise

A CLEAN GREEN COUNTRY New Zealand’s countryside is among the most natural and unspoiled in the world, blessed with a clean, natural environment. Its isolation provides protection from many pests and animal diseases common elsewhere and its mild climate and wide open spaces make New Zealand ideal for free-range, natural farming. With only four million people, but approximately 40 million sheep and 4.4 million beef cattle and 1.5 million deer, New Zealand is focused on producing high quality beef, lamb and venison for the discerning customers around the world.

HALAL CERTIFIED New Zealand is the world's largest exporter of Halal slaughtered sheepmeat and is a significant exporter of Halal slaughtered beef. New Zealand's Halal slaughter methods have been praised by delegations from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Highford prides itself on meeting the religious requirements of its Muslim customers. Beef and sheepmeat that is certified Halal is guaranteed having been slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic; using humane, hygienic techniques. This ensures there is no possibility of Islamic customers receiving non-halal meat.

SUPERIOR QUALITY New Zealand beef, sheepmeat and venison exceed buyer quality expectations for taste, tenderness, safety and consistency. Fine textured and naturally nutritious, these distinctively flavoursome products are expertly produced. Tender and lean, a healthy food with taste appeal, it makes the meal and inspires the menu. Many factors affect meat quality. New Zealand's experienced beef, venison and sheep meat farmers are expert at them all. At every stage of the production system, growers work towards delivering a product that is as pure and natural as possible, without compromising the wellbeing of individual animals. Taking a natural product and raising it carefully you can taste the quality of New Zealand meat.

PORTION CONTROLLING Having focused on HRI and retailers for several years, Highford have invested in state of the art portion controlling equipment to further expand our service to our customers. Any form of portion controlling from weight ranged steaks to diced lamb legs are available.

SOURCING PRODUCTS We actively seek to evolve our product range to source the finest products from New Zealand. In addition, Highford’s global network of suppliers can connect buyers with the best seafood and meats from around the world.

CONSOLIDATED SHIPMENTS Highford has sophisticated supply chain management systems and the ability to consolidate shipments no matter how small or large the order. It is a priority that products are transported efficiently, on time and in the best condition.

RETAIL PACKAGING With today’s increasing demand for ease of use and efficiency, Highford have recognised the need for more consumer friendly products and can offer retail ready meat products produced in line with customer specifications, labeling and packaging requirements.

SOUTH AMERICA Having built strong relationships over the years during frequent visits; we are also able to source beef, lamb and poultry products from South America to complement our supply from New Zealand. With global demand for protein rising rapidly, supply from Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina is becoming increasingly more important for our business.

FOOD SAFETY Before any red meat leaves our shores it will have passed down a stringent road of quality checks, verification and assurance. All exported meat carries a sanitary certificate issued by MAF veterinarians, confirming the meat complies with the health and hygiene regulations of the country it is to be exported to.