About Us

We are a long established, New Zealand-based supplier of beef, lamb and seafood to customers throughout the world. Complementing our main stable of products is our range of New Zealand berries, honey and other specialty foods which are increasingly in demand.

We have established our own private brand PURE AOTEAROA (Aotearoa being the indigenous name for New Zealand). We currently pack our own organic mussels, oysters, honey, water and frozen berries. The PURE brand is synonymous with premium, quality products New Zealand has to offer and we will be adding further items under Pure Aotearoa shortly.

Our clients are importers, distributors, restaurant chains, supermarkets and airlines throughout Asia and further afield. We aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for these clients. We are able to consolidate shipments of assorted items at our facility in Christchurch, New Zealand and deliver them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our knowledgeable, experienced people spend considerable time in the markets we service. We provide a high level of personalised service tailored to the client’s specific requirements, and we are committed to continuous product development in partnership with them.

Culinary taste comes and goes, but quality endures. With incredibly high standards when sourcing, and equally consistent standards of client service, we continue to deliver the very best of quality New Zealand goods.