Pure Waters of New Zealand

Pure Aotearoa natural artesian water begins its life as rainfall on the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It then spends over 70 years filtering to purity on its way to our deep aquifer at Tai Tapu in Canterbury. Pure Aotearoa water is bottled at source and is among the purest water available. We offer still and sparkling water in a variety of sizes to suit consumer needs.


Aquazeal XX  Premium Pure Water - Great Water Needs A Little Time - 20,000 year old premium quality water for the discerning consumer. Aquazeal Blue is the Premium brand for the water from the Tai Tapu aquifer and bottling plant. Aquazeal Blue is the Premium brand for the water from the Tai Tapu aquifer and bottling plant.

Aquazeal Blue Pure Artesian Water - We believe the demand will be for the sparkling version of the 1000ml PET bottle which will be marketed to both retail and hospitality. The 750ml alloy bottle is the premier Aquazeal Blue sparkling water product and will be marketed to premium retail and hospitality. The beautifully presented packaging and pristine New Zealand water is considered to have substantial export opportunities.

Spring Fresh Pure Artesian Bottled Drinking Water - Spring Fresh is Pure Waters Of New Zealand's major retail brand. Bottled in PET, the SpringFresh range is available in 350ml to 4L bottles in both Sparkling and Still versions. With the strong NZ theme in the branding SpringFresh offers excellent export potential.

Pure Waters of NZ Own Label Bottled Water - Bottle your own brand, a healthy pure and clear message about your brand, your company, your values. This is a unique way to deliver your message and reinforce your brand. It is the perfect visual reminder of your brand, one sip at a time.